C-130 Pilot Gets Suspended After This Stunt!

C-130 Pilot Gets Suspended After This Stunt! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / lucaas

Yay Or Nay?

This C-130 pilot decided to show off by flying 16 feet above ground level not far from a few paratrooper’s heads.

YouTube / lucaas

It was filmed by one of the paratroopers in the middle of a drill and was subsequently sent to the Swedish News.

Because of his actions, he was suspended from flying and even faced a dishonorable discharge from the Swedish Air Force.

Regardless, that didn’t stop others from commenting on the pilot’s bravery. Most of them even praised his skills in controlling the behemoth when flying that low!

YouTube / lucaas

Some C-130 pilots eventually came in and said that even though his piloting skills were exceptional during that whole stunt, the pilot of this C-130 was extremely lucky to not hit anything during the low pass.

YouTube / lucaas

What do you think? Were the Swedish Air Force right to suspend this pilot? Check out the video by clicking this link!

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