Preparing Our 20 Foot B-17 For Battle

Preparing Our 20 Foot B-17 For Battle | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FliteTest

20-Foot Behemoth

The team did a great job honoring the “BomBoogie” with this 20ft remote-controlled B-17. Watching the Flite Test team do their work behind the scenes is inspiring. From their impeccable attention to detail down to the complex wirings – they can do it all.

They spent 6 months making this beautiful and gigantic scale model alone! The paint job did wonders to bring this B-17 to another level thanks to Travis from TCConcepts. He also made the plane look just a tad bit “field-tested” to give it more life.

It’s not every day that you see a 20ft B-17 fly using a remote control. This plane is a show-stealer just for its size alone but it’s going to get even better when they use the smokes they tested.

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