A Proper Corsair Flyby Caught With HD Camera–Super Low

A Proper Corsair Flyby Caught With HD Camera–Super Low | World War Wings Videos

There Are Actually Only A Few Of Them Out There.

Please don’t be jealous, but we have a pretty awesome job here at World War Wings. All of us love planes and we’ve surrounded our lives with them. From World War II warbirds to the modern F-22 Raptors, we live and breathe aviation. So, getting to the envy part, we sit around discussing what things we can do for you, our fans, to entertain you. Videos are a big part of it, so here we found you yet another one.

We’ve looked at our statistics and saw that we have over 1,400 videos that we’ve shared with you over the years. A lot of them are Corsairs (as it’s many peoples’ favorite plane) but it seems that most of the videos we found were pretty old. They probably average just 480p which is decent, but c’mon, it’s 2016.

So, we are glad to announce one of our first 1080p Corsair flyby! Shared by a Youtuber by the name of Rob Gregoire, he captured a really nice, really low flyby that all of you will love. Even the sound is great, which is hard to come by with videos like these.

Anyway, enjoy it and share it with your friends!

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