The F-35 As You’ve Never Seen It Before – Air Force Confessions

The F-35 As You’ve Never Seen It Before – Air Force Confessions | World War Wings Videos

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Lightning The Mood.

Earlier this month the F-35A Lightning II met with approval for combat missions by the United States Air Force. Since then public outcry against the controversial fighter has become even more vocal. To diffuse the situation the USAF has begun a mission of goodwill to help improve public perception of the F-35. We have seen plenty of flybys and hovering capabilities of the F-35 but up close is still a rarity. Captain James Schmidt of the USAF 388th Fighter Wing provided a walkthrough of an F-35 at Hill Air Force Base.

“When people ask us where do we see this jet? I see this 2050 and beyond. It’s the jet that we’re going to need, the multirole platform to complement the F-22 and B-2 as well as we continue in today’s contested environment.”

– Captain James Schmidt (USAF 388th Fighter Wing)

Captain Schmidt speaks of his positive experiences piloting the F-35, the easy transition from other jets and its technological advantages. His experience is nothing but praise, yet he doesn’t mention the problems that have plagued the jet during development. The USAF still has a while before gaining public support of the new fighter but this is a good start.

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