Rc F-35 Pushed To Full Throttle

Rc F-35 Pushed To Full Throttle | World War Wings Videos


How Sweet Was That?

This one comes to us from Austria of all places. We’ve posted a lot of videos of Rc planes which include everything from B-29 Superfortresses to this new age F-35 Lightning II, and for some reason a lot of them come from there. Whatever the reason, we love the fact that these guys love to build awesome machines and show them to us.

According to the description, this F-35 is 1/5.5 in size. That makes it the only one flying in the world that’s that giant. What’s more, it sounds awesome and the guy knows how to fly it in a way that’s entertaining. When we looked at the comments, and noticed that people were complaining about the fact that the pilot, Christian Gschwenter, did not fly it “to scale,” but who cares?

The loops and turns were done fast and at high speed and like we said, it looks more entertaining like that. That’s our opinion and we’re sticking to it.

We’re also thinking that you’re wondering about the price tag. About $8,000 bucks is what you’re looking at. Pretty expensive but a nice looking plane though.

Too bad we’re shelling out over a trillion for ours though. (Sorry, had to put that in there.)

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