RC German Bomber Hits 225 MPH

RC German Bomber Hits 225 MPH | World War Wings Videos


The YouTube channel RC Media World just uploaded another professional video of a really rare World War II aircraft that never saw the light of day. It was called the Horten H. XVIII and it would have been one of the most innovative bombers of the time. 

The concept drawing of the proposed Horten H. XVIII bomber. | myself / Public Domain

The Horten brothers are the designers behind other bombers such as the Ho 229 as well as other flying-wing type aircraft. Most of their work was conceptual, but it did inspire future generations of bombers such as the B-2 Spirit, the United States’ primary stealth bomber.

A B-2 Spirit prepares to receive fuel from a KC-135 during a mission in the European Theater supporting NATO Operation Allied Force. | Staff Sgt. Ken Bergmann / Public Domain

A man by the name of Steve (according to the YouTube description) was able to get his hands on some Horten H. XVIII plans and decided to build an Rc model of it. It flies spectacularly to say the least.

Here are some of the specs of this remote controlled aircraft:

  • Model: Speed Horten / Speed Nuri
  • Speed: 360 Kmh / 225 Mph
  • Engine: Scorpion 4530

Because of its low profile, the real bomber would have been able to reach speeds up to 510 mph. Oddly enough, the Rc in this video can hit up to 225 mph, which is beyond impressive.

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