RC Mosquito Takes To The Skies

RC Mosquito Takes To The Skies | World War Wings Videos


This Thing’s A Beauty.

We really like finding something we’ve never seen before, and this is one of those things. A giant Rc Mossie that’s been painstakingly put together. We’ve seen B-17s, Lancasters, and P-47, but nothing like this beauty.

This “Wooden Wonder” was built by Brian Hutchinson but it was Steven Holland who flew her in this video. Both these guys are pros, so it’s no wonder that they made both the build and the flight look awesome.

Here are some specs:
Scale: 1/4
Wingspan: 13.5 ft.
Length: 11 ft.
Weight: 110 lbs.

Also, this thing’s powered by two 100 cc inline twin petrol/gas engines. We’re not too familiar with builds, but that seems like enough power if you ask us. Those Moki engines (that’s we’ve shown you with the P-47 and Corsair videos) are fine though. They almost sound like the real thing.

Not to take anything way from this model of course. As you’ll see, the build itself is amazing and the flight is pretty smooth too.

Would love to get one one day.

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