RC P-51 Goes Down For An ODD Reason

RC P-51 Goes Down For An ODD Reason | World War Wings Videos


This Test Flight Did Not Go So Well!

This is one of the best sounding Rc P-51 Mustangs we’ve ever heard. Built and piloted by Otto Widlroither, this 1:4.5 scale warbird took on the name of Galloping Ghost which was a air racer from 1946-2011. As you’ll be able to see and hear, this hobbyist did the real air racer justice as his machine looks and sounds absolutely amazing. Powered by a 200ccm 3 Cylinder – 4 Stroke Kolm engine, the flybys will give you the chills.

At the end of the flight while approaching landing, the Galloping Ghost’s propeller simply flew off!

According to the video’s description, this was Galloping Ghost’s maiden flight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good one. Although the takeoff and entire flight is awesome and you can definitely enjoy it, the landing wasn’t so good. For one reason or another, the propeller literally fell off on approach and the plane took a nose dive into the field. Fortunately, there was not much damage done to the Rc and it was quickly fixed and is still flying today.

As a side note, the real Galloping Ghost crashed during a race in 2011 killing the pilot Jimmy Leeward as well as 10 spectators. Otto writes, ‘…my thoughts are with Jimmy Leeward and the killed visitors. My RC Ghost will always remember the victims.’

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