Miniature Jet Fighter That Can Fly 500KM/H?

Miniature Jet Fighter That Can Fly 500KM/H? | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Supercar Blondie

Faster Than You’d Expect

What if we told you that a 1:4 scale replica of a fighter jet can fly at 500 kilometers per hour? It reads like fiction until you realize how much these guys have paid for their miniature jets.

For a MEASLY $30,000, you can get yourself one of these RC Su-27s as well. According to the owners, the jet fuel is fed through here:

While the two JetCat P220-RXi are located at the back of it. Those JetCats cost almost $4,000 a piece!

You’d have to bee careful though. If you crash these jets, there’s a very big chance that they’ll explode – since the engines can heat up to 750 degrees Celcius! They’re not kidding about that either. Just look at the back of that replica:

It was so fast, it even beat a McLaren!


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