Russian Attack Helicopter Shot Down By ISIS In Syria

Russian Attack Helicopter Shot Down By ISIS In Syria | World War Wings Videos

Souriat Souriat

The Aloha Snackbar Club Might Have Scored 1 Hit

This is just the reality of war. We had to do a little more digging to find what actually happened, as there have been conflicting reports whether or not ISIS actually downed a Russian chopper. Well, here is the video we found. As you can see, these cowards used what looks to be a SAM to hit their target. The terrifying part is, ISIS is somehow getting pretty good at acquiring these type of weapons and they’re wasting no time learning them, and putting them into action.

July 9th- Here we can see Aloha Snackbar idiots shooting down a Russian Mi-35 attack helicopter with a surface-to-air missile, running missions just to the east of Palmyra. In the video as well you will see a Mi-24 Hind. Both crew members of the Mi-35 died. 

It’s a very complicated situation in Syria. With so many factions going after each other, it’s hard to side with one group. You’ve got FSA fighting ISIS, who’s fighting Assad, and also other groups in there as well. One thing we know is, these terrorists must be stopped! 

Also, Russia just responded to that event. You can find the gun camera footage right below this video. They’re not messing around, that’s for sure.

BREAKING LIVE FOOTAGE | ISIS Shoot Down Russian Helo–Russia Flattens Entire Camp


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