BREAKING LIVE FOOTAGE | ISIS Shoot Down Russian Helo–Russia Flattens Entire Camps

BREAKING LIVE FOOTAGE | ISIS Shoot Down Russian Helo–Russia Flattens Entire Camps | World War Wings Videos

They’re Not Messing Around.

We’ve just rummaged through dozens of news sources from RT News to BBC and small, independent networks and are trying to figure out what happened. It appears that on the morning of July 12th, 2016, Russia sent 6 Tu-22M3s (heavy bombers) into Syria and carpet bombed areas just east of Palmyra and Arak among other targets. The footage of this air strike JUST surfaced today, July 14th.

Approximate sites bombed by Russia.

This bombing was a response to a recent Russian Mi-35M helicopter being shot down near the same place on July 9th. Both of the pilots perished as a SAM missile tore through the rear rotor, sending the helicopter spiralling into the ground.

Although reports are conflicting and include a downright denial of the event actually happening, Russian response was the same. We’ve also included the video of the helicopter being shot down as well and you can read one angle of this convoluted story HERE.

The footage below shows gun camera footage of strikes against ISIS targets. In the few days following the crash of their helicopter, Russia gathered intelligence which they checked against other international channels and promptly carried out their strikes without hesitating.

Performing over 50 strikes in a single day, Russian bombers eliminated a command center, a training camp, 2 fuel facilities and both human and hardware resources.

RAW ISIS Footage Of Russian Attack Helicopter Being Shot Down


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