School Teacher Soars In A Historic MiG-15

School Teacher Soars In A Historic MiG-15 | World War Wings Videos


Flying Lessons.

Teachers are a gift to the world. They help spread knowledge, inspire others and help make dreams come true. But once in a while, it is nice see to a teacher’s dreams come true and that’s exactly what happened in this MiG-15.

Meet Luitgard, she is a professor from Austria who had a dream to fly in a historic fighter jet. The kind folks at MiGFlug provided her with the experience of a lifetime flying in a legendary MiG-15.

“MiGFlug was founded to offer aviation enthusiasts and people interested in technology the unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure in the world’s best fighter jets.”

A look of excitement comes over her face as Luitgard takes off into the air. Then suddenly she is overcome with an expression of absolute relaxation as she peers out over the world. The sight of towns and landscapes speeding by and while loops in the clouds makes her feel as close to heaven as ever. It’s a beautiful sight to see when dreams come true and even better when fighter plane makes the dreams come true.

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