Amazing Scratch-Built RC Westland Wyvern Torpedo Bomber

Amazing Scratch-Built RC Westland Wyvern Torpedo Bomber | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / The RC Geek

Mr. Top Gun

David Wigley’s award-winning Westland Wyvern S-1 is a sight to behold. The 1/5 scale RC model of the Wyvern has 100 inches of wingspan and weighs 51 lbs.

For power, it uses a modified BME 100cc gas engine and a custom prop-shaft extension. Wigley built almost everything that the Wyvern uses, like gear struts, tail wheel unit, and many more.

YouTube / The RC Geek

Just like the real Wyvern, this RC model has contra-rotating propellers and allows you to let go of torpedoes. You can see him let go of it around the 1:45 mark of the video.

It’s not only just pretty, either. The model flies like a dream and its engines are as loud as it is powerful. That amount of dedication to his craft paid off as he won the Mr. Top Gun title from 2010 to 2012.

YouTube / The RC Geek

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