Seahawk’s Almost Blown Off Ship But A Crewman Had A Crazy Idea

Seahawk’s Almost Blown Off Ship But A Crewman Had A Crazy Idea | World War Wings Videos

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Give This Guy A Beer For Trying.

This is one of those videos you have to see to believe. There are actually two different things to look out for here. The first is the strong winds. The second…well…a very ambitions crewman who wanted to save the helicopter.

There’s not much information out there about this incident, but a few things are clear. The helicopter, an SH-60 Seahawk, landed on the helipad in the back of a what looks like a navy cruiser. The event was captured by an outdoor camera, and from what we saw, it was quite a windy night.

Even empty, SH-60 Seahawks weigh over 15,000 lbs.

The crew was already in the Seahawk as you’ll see when the camera zooms in. We’re figuring they were getting ready to take off, but mother nature had other plans for them. Some crazy winds and/or rough seas started whipping the helicopter around, eventually knocking it over. That’s when that peculiar thing happened.

An overzealous crewman actually ran up to it right when it was about to tip and tried to push it back into place. We can certainly appreciate the effort, but that could have ended badly. The Seahawk eventually did flip onto its side, so had he done this a bit later, well, you know what could have happened.

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