Second Crash In 5 Months – New Boeing 737 Max 8 Safety Called Into Question

Second Crash In 5 Months – New Boeing 737 Max 8 Safety Called Into Question | World War Wings Videos

Second Crash For The Beoing 737 Max 8

This past Sunday came with the tragic news that Ethiopian Airlines flight ET 302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi never made it to its destination. The Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed just minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board.

It was reported that the pilot had been experiencing technical problems  and asked to return to the airport, but the airport control tower lost contact with the aircraft at 8:44am.

While the cause of the the crash is still unknown, many have called into question the safety of the Boeing 737 Max 8. The Lion Air flight 610 that crashed and killed 189 in October 2018 was also a Boeing 737 Max 8.

As a result, China, Ethiopia, and Indonesia have all grounded the plane. Cayman Airlines has been the first airline to voluntarily ground the 737 Max 8.

A final report of the recovered  Lion Airlines’ voice recorder is due later this year.

Public Opinion

Meanwhile, things are looking complicated for the now controversial plane. Understandably, the public is expressing reluctance to fly in one. But most airlines aren’t following suit in grounding the 737 Max 8, instead reassuring worried customers that they are confident in the aircraft.

It will be interesting to see how airlines will be handle this delicate situation.

Who Was On The Plane?

At least 30 nations are in mourning after this tragedy. Many were aid workers with a high concentration of United Nations employees on their way to a United Nations Environment Assembly.

The Boeing 737 Max 8 was piloted by Yared Getechew, just 29 but experienced with more than 8,000 flight hours.

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