Shooting a 37mm Antitank Gun

Shooting a 37mm Antitank Gun | World War Wings Videos

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How Much Do You Know About This Gun?

Although it no longer suited modern warfare because gun crew is highly exposed and could easily be hit anywhere, the M6 Gun Motor Carriage is popular in so many ways. It achieved its legendary status, for the most part, because it’s the first tank destroyer from the US during World War II. Anyway, more information about its design and usage can be found in the video. And you’ll see some action too!

The 37 mm GMC M6 was a modified 3/4-ton 4×4 Dodge WC52 truck with a rear-facing 37 mm M3 gun mounted in its bed (portee) and designated WC55. The gun was normally fired to the rear — it could not be fully depressed when pointed to the front of the vehicle due to blast effects on the crew and vehicle windshield.

I have to tell you though, this guy is like the Einstein of firearms.

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