Surviving Pearl Harbor Ship Sinks Off Coastline – But Something Else Happened To It First

Surviving Pearl Harbor Ship Sinks Off Coastline – But Something Else Happened To It First | World War Wings Videos

Owen Buggy

The Kodiak Queen.

December 7th was a day that lived in infamy and will continue to for the rest of time. Now many ships survived the attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy but a handful did such as The Kodiak Queen. It may have avoided death for over 75 years but now that legendary ship but has finally sunk, but there’s more to it.

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During WWII the Kodiak Queen was a fuel vessel carrying around 100,000 gallons of fuel that narrowly escaped the Japanese attack. After many decades serving as a fishing vessel off the coast of British Virgin Islands in the Carribean, the Kodiak Queen was retired, fell into a state of rusted decay. The ship was about to be sold for scrap metal when a historian named Mike Cochran stumbled upon her and learned her history in WWII.

Cochran put out a call to arms to save the aging WWII ship and in a twist of fate, this ship caught the attention of billionaire Richard Branson and put up the money to purchase the Kodiak Queen. The plan was to use it as a destination for divers for divers to explore, but they needed a better way to attract them to the area. So they had the idea to fashion a giant metal octopus around the frame of the Kodiak Queen before sinking it to create an artificial reef.

“The Kraken is embracing the boat and taking it down to this next life. She’s no longer a weapon of war; she’s now a platform for rebirth and regrowth. It creates really fun structural designs that allow for ideal grouper and marine life rehabilitation habitats inside the head, the ship, and the tentacles.”

– Aydika James (Secret Samurai Productions)

Owen Buggy

There is a beautiful film dedicated to creating the Kraken and watching it go down the ship, you can view it in this clip.

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