SWCC – The BADASS Guys That Rescue Navy Seals

SWCC – The BADASS Guys That Rescue Navy Seals | World War Wings Videos

America's Navy

It’s The Navy’s Best Kept Secret

“I would take a bullet for my brothers any day, any time, anywhere. Never think twice about it.” Perhaps one member of the SWCC described them best: BROTHERHOOD. This is one of those ‘jobs’ where failure is definitely not an option. They’re a swift, extremely competent bunch and the guys you don’t want to mess with. You’d hate to be on the receiving end of their weapons. You know what, at some point during the video, I didn’t know whether I was watching a real-life scenario or a clip from an action-packed movie. It’s intense and explosive, to say the least.

Imagine how a ‘typical’ mission is — they have to be on time and on target. No room for errors. Ladies and gentlemen, this is firepower at its finest. Respect to all of them. I can’t help but be extremely proud. This is the most badass thing ever!

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