That’s NOT How You Land A 15,000 Dollar F-16 RC

That’s NOT How You Land A 15,000 Dollar F-16 RC | World War Wings Videos

No Wonder He’s So Relieved!

Rc flying is very diverse. If you like it, it can cost you 100 bucks to get a mini Corsair or something and you can go to your local field and fly it. Once you get serious about it though, it’s a whole other story.

Imagine buying a used car, but instead you use that money to build your own 1:4 scale F-16 Fighting Falcon. This is precisely what this guy did. He spent over 15 THOUSAND dollars to build the plane of his dreams and almost lost it on his maiden flight.

As you’ll see, he fires up the engine and carefully sets everything up to make this day a successful one. His buddies are taking pictures and giving him courage as he finally takes his bird flying. The flight was successful, but that landing looked absolutely horrible. Now, we’re sure this guy is a seasoned flyer as you probably wouldn’t spend this amount of time and money on your first RC, but something definitely went wrong there.

If you guys have any opinions or catch something we didn’t, let us know. Was it wind or poor piloting?

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