The MiG-15’s Flap Indicators

The MiG-15’s Flap Indicators | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Air Zoo

Lots of Indicators

Euan from Air Zoo shows us a cool thing he noticed about their MiG-15. One of the many cool things found on the fighter is its swept wings that feature “wing fences” which help air flow across the wings.

As you can see, the fences have one big notch taken out of them. Initially, they thought it was so that the pilot could see the landing gear indicator pin near the fence, but that doesn’t line up – literally.

Apparently, the empty space on the fence was used to check the flap indicator located near it. When taking off, the pilot could look at each wing to see if their landing gear was down, look at the nose to make sure the front gear was down, and then check the flap indicator to make sure the flaps are down and ready for takeoff.

Who would have thought!?

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