“Thirteen Days”- The F-8 Scene Will Put a Smile on Your Face

“Thirteen Days”- The F-8 Scene Will Put a Smile on Your Face | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / colt cat

Underrated Movie Scene

What a fantastic sequence of scenes this was. The way they skillfully crafted these scenes is nothing short of amazing. The production crew deserves huge props for what they accomplished.

YouTube / colt cat

It just further proves that the F-8 is one of the best-looking aircraft we’ve had in recent memory. The plane’s design aged so well and its silhouette is still somewhat relevant today. Nobody will ever complain about seeing this beautiful warbird in action on the big screen. It’s impossible to hate it!

With how it turned out, the film crew might as well have employed aviation experts for these scenes. It wasn’t just the characters carrying scenes anymore. The cinematography and score during intense scenes added to the movie’s charm.

YouTube / colt cat

Check this movie out if you’ve got the time. You won’t regret giving this underrated movie a chance!

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