This Is How Polish Pilots Get Their Thrills

This Is How Polish Pilots Get Their Thrills | World War Wings Videos


Simply Awesome.

This awesome video comes to us from Poland. Having a MiG-29 in their inventory, this pilot flies it like crazy. We’ve never actually seen one this low, so we got really excited when we found it.

When we saw this we immediately wondered what the Polish Air Force was equipped with aside from these MiGs. We were quite surprised to see that they’re pretty well equipped. Not to say that they shouldn’t be, but we also just did a video on Croatia and they were sporting 12 MiG-23s from the 50s as their entire fighter force.

Here’s what Poland has:

  • 32 MiG 29s
  • 48 F-16s
  • 18 Su-22s
  • 5 C-130Es

In addition, they have many helicopters, transport planes and trainers. All in all, they have 475 operational aircraft and 16,425 military personnel dedicated to them. They’re spread among 10 bases all over the country.

They have many contracts with the United States and are bound by $250 million dollars. The U.S. is to deliver 44 AGM-158 missiles. Also, Lockheed Martin is to spearhead the upgrades to their F-16 fleet.

The more you know. Anyway, enjoy that video!


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