Trying a 1964 Vietnam MCI C Ration

Trying a 1964 Vietnam MCI C Ration | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Steve1989MREInfo

Hated For A Reason

The infamous Ham and Lima Beans ration gets a taste test from Steve1989MREInfo. Steve finally gets to see why everyone hated the ration during the war.

Inside the box are the accessory packet, spoon, B-2 unit (crackers and cheese spread), pecan cake roll, and ham and lima beans in juices. The packets contain Pall Mall cigarettes, gum, matches, toilet paper, instant coffee, dry cream, sugar, and salt.

Opening the ham and lima beans alone proved to be a daunting task. The smell was unbearable, gnarly enough for Steve to wear a mask. It smelled so bad even he opted out of eating it; a rare sight for him. Not just that, even the pecan roll and cheese spread were rancid. The only redeemable things were the stale crackers, cigarettes, coffee, and gums.

There’s a reason why veterans hailed it as being the worst of the worst.

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