Tuskegee Airman Turns 100 Years Old

Tuskegee Airman Turns 100 Years Old | World War Wings Videos

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A Legend Turns 100

Lieutenant Colonel James Harvey III, a distinguished Tuskegee Airman, has an extensive list of accomplishments that set him apart. He proudly served in the first all-African American squadron, becoming the first African American to undertake a combat mission over Korea in a jet fighter. He has an extensive list of achievements through out his time, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.


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During a video call from his residence in Colorado, Harvey expressed his belief that reaching the age of 100 surpasses the significance of the Congressional Gold Medal. He attributed part of his success to his upbringing in Nuangola and acknowledged the positive influence of his Mountain Top roots. Harvey emphasized the importance of the nurturing environment, fresh air, fresh produce, and the supportive community he experienced in Luzerne County. The absence of derogatory remarks and the acceptance he received from his peers resonated deeply with him.

His Secret?

Harvey lives by a motto of treating others with respect and adhering to the principle of reciprocity. He advocates for leading a healthy lifestyle and holds a steadfast belief in the value of respecting others. As he celebrates his remarkable journey to 100 years and beyond, Harvey cherishes the memories of his Pennsylvania home and eagerly looks forward to the day he can return for a visit.

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