Two P-38 Lightnings Starting Up

Two P-38 Lightnings Starting Up | World War Wings Videos

Robert Spellman YouTube

A Little Music, Anyone?

Aside from the BRRRTTT, this is obviously one of the most beautiful sounds any war bird fan will appreciate. Listening to the engine start is insanely satisfying.

This might be a graceful looking aircraft but we all know it wouldn’t be called the ‘Fork-Tailed Devil’ for nothing. It’s an extremely powerful fighter since it could accurately hit targets even at 1,000 yards while other similar planes could only reach up to 250 yards. Talk about reliability and capability!

The thing is, because of the turbo superchargers muffling the exhaust, it’s remarkably quiet and yes for a fighter plane, that’s quite exceptional. It never failed to surprise the enemies when it peeled down from the skies.

It’s fast, sleek and nothing like they’ve ever encountered before. The versatility is amazing and seeing one 70 years after its first flight is one awesome experience. Still stunningly beautiful and still looks menacing. Remember, this little beauty right here could sink a ship.

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