P-51 ‘Voodoo’ at nearly 500 MPH -CAUTION- MAY BLOW SPEAKERS!

P-51 ‘Voodoo’ at nearly 500 MPH -CAUTION- MAY BLOW SPEAKERS! | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / blancolirio

Old School Cool

In this footage, we get to see the P-51 Voodoo at nearly 500 mph, and we have to say, old birds like these never fail to give us goosebumps! Now, imagine if there’s a whole squadron of them flying over it would be really terrifying to be the enemy on the receiving end.

While modern planes today are much better than these old warbirds, nothing will ever replace this masterpiece. It gives us chills every time we hear the sound of its engines! Got to be the coolest-sounding machine ever made, not to mention, she’s a beauty as well.

YouTube / blancolirio

What do you think? Is this the sweetest engine sound ever? Let us know in the comments!

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