We Just Photoshopped Pappy Boyington Into Our Favorite Aviation Movie Posters

We Just Photoshopped Pappy Boyington Into Our Favorite Aviation Movie Posters | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: IMDB

Just because we could, we put the face of World War II fighter ace Gregory “Pappy” Boyington into some classic aviation movies (although let’s agree that’s a loose term.) From Top Gun to Con Air, here’s what we came up with.

Air Force One

Pappy is…the President of the United States.

Image result for air force one movie poster

Top Gun

The classic Navy recruitment movie. Imagine Pappy as “Maverick.”

Image result for top gun movie

The Aviator

Leo didn’t get an Oscar for this one, but perhaps Pappy could have.

Image result for the aviator movie

Con Air

We couldn’t help ourselves on this one. Here are some faces you’ll probably recognize.

Image result for con air

Die Hard 2

No strictly an aviation movie, but it was still pretty good and there was an aircraft involved, so….

Image result for Die hard 2Executive Decision

Remember this gem from back in the day? The coolest part was them showing that F-117 hooking up with a commercial plane. Guess it’s time to rewatch that.

Image result for executive decision poster


This might be the best one yet, as the film was about a pilot drinking on the job. Definitely some similarities here. 😀

Image result for flight movie poster

Pearl Harbor

Had to do Pearl Harbor. Not the greatest movie by a long shot, but there were some World War II planes involved.

Image result for pearl harbor movie poster



Sully was a movie about a commercial pilot who performed “The Miracle On The Hudson.” Pretty sure Pappy would’ve handled that too.

Image result for sully movie poster 

As a finale, we’ve also included a short interview with Pappy below. It’s of him being rescued from a POW camp and how he responded to reporters. Pappy is definitely the man!

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