WWII Planes Will Get A New Show And It’s As Real As It Gets

WWII Planes Will Get A New Show And It’s As Real As It Gets | World War Wings Videos


This Concept Looks Really Good.

This is something we’ve been awaiting for the longest time. Although the subject matter is quite intense and even morbid in a sense, we’re excited that one of the best squadrons of World War II is getting their own show on HBO. We’re talking of course of the famous Eighth Air Force.

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have teamed up again to bring us a little closer to World War II history. Known for creating extremely successful big screen hits such as Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers and The Pacific, we’re excited to see what this duo will develop in regards to the war in the air.

The Eight Air Force lost 26,000 airmen in a span of a year and a half.

Originally called Masters of the Air, the producers decided to rename it to The Mighty Eighth. The latter title has a more powerful meaning to it, as the Eighth Air Force packed a mighty punch on its missions. It did come at a high price however, which is why they’ve been singled out.

As a short synopsis for those of you who are not familiar with this squadron (although we doubt this is the case on our site), the Eighth Air Force was formed on February 22nd, 1944. Fighting in the European theater, they carried out strategic bombing of key Nazi targets which were heavily guarded. Out of all air losses in that theater, the Eighth suffered half of them.

Like the 101st Airborne in Band Of Brothers and USMC in The Pacific, the Eighth Air Force is a much deserving chapter of World War II history that should get its own show.

Here’s a clip from a pilot trailer that was to be a representation of what you should expect. According to sources, we should see the first episode sometime in 2017. With a $500 million dollar budget, it should be pretty spectacular.



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