WWII Submarine Engine Startup Sounds Like A Beast

WWII Submarine Engine Startup Sounds Like A Beast | World War Wings Videos


Prepare Your Ear Drums

You have been warned! This 6-cylinder diesel engine called the “RS 34 S”, was used by the Type XXIII U-boats. Its 108-liter cylinder capacity and 756 hp at 850 rpm made it the perfect engine for the slimmer XXIIIs.

With how loud it feels behind the screen, you have to wonder how louder it is in person. The people present even have their own ear muffs to protect their hearing. One ought to prepare their ears when the machine operator finally raises the RPM in the middle of the video.

But what’s really interesting is how the machine operators started it up routinely like it was any other day job. The demeanor that the older machine operator displayed throughout the procedure goes to show how much he likes sharing his knowledge of the engine. 

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