WWII Vet Got On Toby Keith’s Stage-Keith’s Reaction Will Tug At Your Heart

WWII Vet Got On Toby Keith’s Stage-Keith’s Reaction Will Tug At Your Heart | World War Wings Videos

This Will Make You See In Red, White And Blue For A While.

It’s always important to honor and respect our veterans, as they’ve given for this country what most of us can’t even fathom. Not that there’s a “scale” of sorts that make one veteran better than another, but the man we saw on Toby Keith’s stage during one of his concerts is a special kind of war hero. After all, he is a part of the Greatest Generation.

Lt. Col. Harry Frizzell, 93 at the time of this video, was invited by Toby Keith to meet him on stage during an encore. Keith sang two of his most patriotic songs and then passed the microphone to Frizzell. That’s when tears started pouring out.

To honor this die hard veteran, Toby sang American Soldier and Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.

Frizzell started off by stating how much he loves America, then giving the audience a quick synopsis of what he did to support that statement. Not only did he serve in World War II, he also fought in Korea and Vietnam. That’s quite a roster for a single soldier.

As most of you know, Keith is quite the patriot himself. The very song he performed just minutes before was a homage to the patriotism of his father, so this story really hit home for him. Watch the video and notice his expression when Frizzell is speaking. It’s quite beautiful.

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