XP-82 Twin Mustang Engine Start

XP-82 Twin Mustang Engine Start | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

First Engine Run

In this video, we finally get to see this XP-82 Twing Mustang perform its first-engine run.

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

The fighter was powered by two Packard-built Rolls-Royce V-1650 Merlin engines. Each engine in this aircraft can output over 1300 horsepower!

This warbird is a prototype version of the F-82 that was restored in Douglas, GA. Later models of this aircraft were powered by Allison engines instead.

YouTube / Vintage Aviation News

The F-82 Twin Mustang would eventually become the last American piston-engine fighter that was ordered in production by the USAF.

However, before the first production units were operational, WWII ended.

Post-war, the Strategic Air Command utilized the aircraft as a long-range escort fighter. 

This rare bird first took its first flight on December 31, 2018. 

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