You Haven’t Seen an RC F-4 Skymaster Like This

You Haven’t Seen an RC F-4 Skymaster Like This | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RC Squadron

An Amazing Flight

This has to be one of the best RC videos and the sharpest F-4’s we’ve ever seen. This year, pilot Mike Adams bagged the award of the Best Scale Jet at Kings Canyon Jets. The award was well deserved- the model is an incredibly detailed, and a high quality replica of a full-scale aircraft flown by an incredibly skilled pilot. The model’s wingspan is approximately 82.7 ‘ (2100mm) and a dry weight of Dry Weight: 55 Lbs (21-24 kg.)

In the footage, one will witness one of its many memorable flights. Moreover, the fact that it was captured during the golden hour, and the location made it even more spectacular to watch.

Now, this I what we call a show- the RC variant flew like a real Phantom!

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