5 Moments When You Need To ‘Go-Around’ When Landing – Yikes!

5 Moments When You Need To ‘Go-Around’ When Landing – Yikes! | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: csharpprogrammer.com

The Right Call

One of the skills necessary for pilots is quick decision-making. For one, if the first approach to landing isn’t quite right, they need to make the right call to ‘go-around’ or abort it and try again. This practice is common and a safe maneuver at that. Let’s look at some of these moments that required our pilots to fly a ‘go-around.’

1. Avoiding Traffic

Yes, if you were sitting beside the pilot, you’d probably say “Holy ****!” But the sight of another aircraft on the runway is not uncommon, to be honest. For example, the plane is on final approach but the pilot spots another bird, he is left with no other choice than to climb back, go around and try again. Just check out the video above. We’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s at fault here (in the video, the aircraft looks way too close) but the thing is, that was quick thinking on the part of the pilot of UTair Boeing 767-300 (which was coming in from Moscow). Also, what he did was an impressive go-around, by the way. After the aborted landing, it safely landed on runway 02. It’s a good thing nothing untoward happened. However, you can only imagine the reaction of the passengers. Still, this is one stunning footage.


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