10 Nifty Things Every Warbird Fanatic Should Have

10 Nifty Things Every Warbird Fanatic Should Have | World War Wings Videos

Some Absolutely Crucial Pieces Here.

We all have our hobbies. Coin collecting, RC flying, drinking beer etc… What all of us here have in common is that we love aviation. Especially those sweet sounding radials from World War II.

As most of us like to surround ourselves with our passions, we’ve collected a list of really neat products we found online. Some of them took us a while to find, but every piece is pretty cool.

We also posted links to Amazon so you don’t have to hunt them down in case you like something. You’re welcome!

  1. 50 Cal Antenna For Your Truckbullet-antenna

    Nothing says “I Get It” like a 50 Cal bullet on your truck. Cast-molded aluminum and durable as hell. -$23.95  BUY NOW

  2. P-51 Mustang Iphone Case

    p-51-mustang-iphone-caseKnowing that everybody and their mother have an I-Phone 6, there’s no better way to protect it than with this bomber escort. Made with eco-friendly plastic. -$14.48  BUY NOW

  3. F4U Corsair Black Sheep Squadron 1/26 Model

    corsair-table-modelHandcrafted by Mastercraft Collections, this sturdy Corsair is identical to the original blueprint. No better way to show off your passion for this Navy warbird.-$162.03  BUY NOW 

  4. Pratt & Whitney Corsair Piston Clock

    piston-clockNow This is a work of art. It was made from an authentic R-2800 from the 1940s. It’s time for you to get one.-$295.00  BUY NOW

  5. P-38 Lightning Coffee Mug

    wwii-plane-mugEvery coffee needs a mug, but this one has a P-38 on it. You’ll be up and running lightning fast.-$14.95  BUY NOW

  6. B-24A Liberator Challenge Coin

    b-24-liberator-coinsAlways betting with your buddies? Keep this in your pocket and dare them Liberator style.-$10.89  BUY NOW

  7. B-17 Mouse Pad

    If you have a computer at home, chances are your mouse pad is boring. Here’s one with WWII’s best bomber on it. Problem solved.-$14.99  BUY NOW

  8. Corsair Hoodie


    This 90/10 hoodie by Hanes will keep you as warm as any other hoodie. Chances are you don’t have one with a Corsair on it, so you’re welcome!-$34.95  BUY NOW

  9. Ready To Fly P-51D RC Model


    You guys always like our RC videos but probably never pulled the trigger at giving it a shot yourself. Now you have no excuse.-$329.99  BUY NOW

  10. B-25 Mitchell Baseball Jersey (KIDS)


    Got a lil’ one in your family? Spread some warbird knowledge among the youth with this 100% cotton baseball jersey.-$19.95  BUY NOW

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