This Is One Warbird Trailer You ABSOLUTELY Can’t Miss

This Is One Warbird Trailer You ABSOLUTELY Can’t Miss | World War Wings Videos


That’s Some Damn Good Filming.

This one comes to us from Sweden of all places. Filmed by photographer Daniel Karlsson, we feel like it’s been a long time since we saw footage that flowed and looked this good. Karlsson is a leading photographer and writer in the warbird industry, so it’s no wonder this is the final product he made for us.

This book contains over 400 pictures of the warbirds we love.

We did some digging and we found out that this footage actually came from a photoshoot which was meant to fill up a book called “Flygande klassiker” meaning “Flying Classics.” While taking the pictures a lot of video was captured as well, and this is the final product.

The book which can be purchased HERE if you’re interested, is quite spectacular as well. It depicts many warbirds from the first half of the 1900s. They all come with descriptions and stories as well. Judging by the cinematography, the book must be full of fantastic pictures. You can even tell that by looking at the cover.

Just to put your minds at ease, there is a bit of music in these shots. We know, we know. We all like to hear the engines but Daniel himself said that when you’re onboard, all you can really catch is annoying wind and rumble that doesn’t really capture the true essence of the engines. That’s why he chose to put music over it.

Either way, it’s a real treat to watch. Enjoy it!

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