1945 Pacific – P-51 Gun Camera Raw Footage

1945 Pacific – P-51 Gun Camera Raw Footage | World War Wings Videos

P-51 Guns Down Japanese Targets

For the aircraft, this long-range fighter bomber packs a lot of punch with the use of a two-speed supercharged engine and heavy armaments — six .50 caliber (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns firing the targets. The excellent frame make it exceptional for low-level operations.

This raw footage was taken in 1945 — the same year that the Empire of Japan has surrendered. The announcement happened on August 15 and was signed formally on September 2.

  • August 6 – US dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima
  • August 8 – the Soviet Union has declared war against Japan
  • August 9 – the Soviet Union invaded Manchukuo
  • August 9 (later in the day) – After the invasion of Manchukuo, the United States detonated a second atomic bomb — this time, in Nagasaki.

The surrender was announced via a radio address. Emperor Hirohito did the announcement since on August 15, there a military coup which managed to take control of the imperial palace. But by dawn, it was crushed.

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