20mm Strafing Run of F/A-18 On Taliban Compound

20mm Strafing Run of F/A-18 On Taliban Compound | World War Wings Videos

photo credit: Youtube channel "FUNKER530 Veteran Community & Combat Footage"

Not For The Faint of Heart

This close up view will show you the power of the F/A-18’s 20mm M61A2 lightweight Gatling gun. That hit looks pretty solid. The sound at 0:39 gave me the chills. Some even think it’s way better than the roar of A-10 but I’m certain not everyone will agree. Besides, that seriously sounds scary as hell. The pitch will probably remind you of those post-apocalyptic movies specifically Terminator.

The F/A-18 E/F uses special materials and processes that yield extended life and reduced wear of
precision-engineered sprockets, guides, ammo drum and round paths. It also features proven gear box designs that provide reliable, precise and efficient power transfer.

That may not have been a 100% effective kill strike but still, the BRRRRTTT sound alone should send grown men running away. Firepower, you mean? THIS HAS IT ALL! Awesome, it’s so bad ass. What else can we say? It sure is old but gold. 🙂

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