5 Facts About The SBD Dauntless

5 Facts About The SBD Dauntless | World War Wings Videos

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The SBD Dauntless was a famous aircraft used during WWII. Here are the five facts that you need to know about this iconic plane:

5. It proved to be an excellent plane

The Dauntless was an excellent scout aircraft and dive bomber. During the early stages of the war, it had great defensive armament which along with its dive brakes and ruggedness, made it a great plane for diving and fighting. 

4. It played a key role in the Battle of Midway

In just a day, Dauntless planes managed to destroy all four fleet aircraft carriers – the Akagi, Kaga, and Sōryū in a single strike and the Hiryū would later follow. 

3. It was later on replaced by the Helldiver

As the war went on, the Dauntless was replaced by the Curtiss SB2C Helldiver. However, the Helldiver was unpopular among pilots because of its challenging handling characteristics at slower speeds, making it a poor airplane of choice for carrier landings. 

2. It served other Militaries around the world

The Dauntless went on to serve the Free French Air Force and the New Zealand Air Force. 

1. It was a legendary dive bomber of its time

The Dauntless became one of the most pivotal turning points of WWII. It inflicted the first comprehensive defeat on the Japanese Navy. It was also the one that dealt the revenge blow for the Raid in Pearl Harbor, making one of the best American Naval aircraft during the early years of the war. 

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