96-Year Old WW2 Pilot Flies Again And Feels Nostalgic

96-Year Old WW2 Pilot Flies Again And Feels Nostalgic | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay

The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today

It may not be the same for Bob Brocklehurst anymore (he needed help when he boarded the plane) but this experience just opened a floodgate full of memories. Besides, he is the very definition of what a hero is. And the moment he steps in, the muscle memory just kicks in. I wish I will still have the same passion for aviation when I reach his age.

According to Robert Goebel, “It was pretty good in the climbing department too, and accelerated very fast in a dive. But the thing that really set the Mustang apart from any other fighter, friend or foe, was its range. With a 75-gallon tank slung under each wing, it could perform the unheard-of: It could fly six-hour missions.”

It’s a great, heartwarming story. He’s a real inspiration for everyone. Thank you for your service and sacrifice, Sir. We will never forget all that you’ve done for the country!

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