A-1 Skyraiders Unleashing HELL During SAR Mission In Vietnam

A-1 Skyraiders Unleashing HELL During SAR Mission In Vietnam | World War Wings Videos


This Warbird Held Its Own Despite The Jet Age.

This truly incredible footage comes to us from Periscope Film’s Operation Archive. The people of this organization are actually the unsung heroes who save our history. Nobody really knows about them.

In the late 20th century, the government started destroying their 16mm training and mission films deeming them obsolete. Although that might have been true, these videos are now priceless. The video you’re about to see was heading for the incinerator as well but Periscope Films made sure that didn’t happen. To date, they saved over 3000 rare films saving the history of the Navy, Marines, Army, Coast Guard and the Air Force.

As for this particular clip which they managed to save too, an S.A.R. (search and rescue) mission is shown. Recorded in Vietnam, these warbirds were used extensively on these types of missions. Dubbed “Sandy,” Skyraiders were used to escort helicopters which would land in hostile areas to retrieve trapped soldiers.

Also, they cleared the way or held off enemy forces while the operation was going on. Armed to the teeth with up to 8,000 lbs. of ordnance and 4 20mm M2 cannons, they were born for that job. Tough and able to take a beating as well, they could fly around in circles close to the ground and take care of the enemy for long periods of time.

Extraction was a much easier task with them around.

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