A Spitfire And A Typhoon Face Off In The Air!

A Spitfire And A Typhoon Face Off In The Air! | World War Wings Videos

The Spitfire Still Roars Louder Than The Typhoon!

This excerpt from a live broadcast of the Abington Air and Country Show in 2015 shows a Spitfire fly alongside a Eurofighter Typhoon. Although the weather was not cooperative during the show, the shots taken will still leave you stunned at the awesome maneuvering of both pilots. Designed more than half a century apart, you’ll see that the Spitfire is flying full speed while the Typhoon is trying to go as slow as possible to keep pace!

  • The Spitfires first took flight in 1936 as single-seated fighter aircrafts. There are about 50 Spitfires that are still airworthy, one of which you’ll see in the video. During World War II, it was used as an interceptor, photo-reconnaissance aircraft, fighter-bomber and trainer.
  • The Eurofighter Typhoon was designed in 1994 as a twin-engined multirole fighter. As of 2015, 427 Typhoons were built through a collaboration of the U.K., Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Well suited as a dogfighter, the Typhoon can also undertake reconnaissance and ground strike missions

Keep your eyes peeled to your screen about 8 minutes in, as the Spitfire and Typhoon perform a face off and separate at the last second. What a great shot! When watching this you realize just how far aviation has come in just half a century.

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