After Capturing Allied Bombers, The Axis Did The Most Dishonorable Things Ever

After Capturing Allied Bombers, The Axis Did The Most Dishonorable Things Ever | World War Wings Videos


Our Favorite Bomber Definitely Looks Weird Like That

The brave crews of B-17s were sent on some of the most dangerous missions deep into enemy territory. From Germany to the Philippines and Pacific islands, these bombers and their crews were key in destroying strategic enemy targets, many of them paying the price with their lives. As these machines were pushed to their limits, some of them had to make emergency landings due to damage as well as lack of fuel, subsequently falling into enemy hands. This video shows the rare photographs taken by the Japanese and Nazis who fixed them up and used them to their advantage.

The Kampfgeschwader 200 or Wing 200 in English, was a special unit of the Luftwaffe that operated captured aircraft as well as being tasked with a variety of extremely crucial yet difficult missions.

Although seeing these planes with Nazi and Japanese markings is painful, there is much more to it than meets the eye. After testing them out, some of the Allied bombers were left with their original markings or were rebranded to look like nearby squadrons. Then, the Kampfgeschwader 200 pilots would join incoming Allied squadrons on the way to their targets. This was done to confuse Allied pilots as to what their targets were or collect valuable information.

Earling Kindem, a World War II fighter pilot, recalled a story about a ‘phantom bomber’ as follows:

On a February 1945 741st BS mission against Vienna, “Before reaching the target, a ‘phantom’ B-24 joined our formation.…The P-51s [of the Tuskegee Airmen] came in and over the radio…the German phantom pilot said he was from the 55th Wing and got lost. But the 55th Wing wasn’t flying that day and the plane had no tail markings. The fighter pilot squadron leader gave him some bursts from his guns and warned the phantom to turn back. He added, ‘You will be escorted.’ The German pilot replied that he could make it alone. The P-51 pilot said: ‘You are going to be escorted whether you want it or not. You’re going to have two men on your tail all the way back and don’t try to land in Yugoslavia.’…The phantom left with his escort and we heard nothing further from the event.”

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