US Air Force Completes First Dogfight Between AI F-16 and Human Pilot

US Air Force Completes First Dogfight Between AI F-16 and Human Pilot | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Forces News

AI vs Humans

The U.S. Air Force has unveiled a groundbreaking milestone in military aviation – AI-piloted F-16s have finally engaged in sophisticated air-combat exercises against human pilots.

YouTube / Forces News

This significant advancement marks a crucial step towards integrating AI-piloted drone wingmen into future 6th-generation fighter fleets.

The X-62 VISTA

Over the past year, a series of 21 progressively challenging operations showcased the capabilities of AI aboard a heavily modified Block 30 F-16D named the X-62 VISTA.

YouTube / Forces News

With each session, the AI “pilot” underwent over 100,000 code adjustments to refine its performance. The culmination was a series of highly intricate dogfights between the AI-controlled X-62 and human-operated F-16s, pushing the boundaries of air combat dynamics.

Ideal Testbed

The X-62A, previously known as the NF-16D, served as an ideal testbed due to its multi-axis thrust vectoring engine and adaptable fly-by-wire system, enabling it to mimic various aircraft behaviors.

YouTube / Forces News

Operating under AI control with a human “safety pilot” onboard, the X-62 demonstrated remarkable autonomy throughout the exercises, maintaining safety protocols without incident.

YouTube / Forces News

Ultimately, AI pilots are envisioned to serve not only as drone companions but also as co-pilots in crewed aircraft, streamlining operations and enhancing mission focus for human aviators.

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