Air Force Prepares Space Plane For Classified Mission – But A Major Problem Emerged

Air Force Prepares Space Plane For Classified Mission – But A Major Problem Emerged | World War Wings Videos



Over the years there have been many advances in the realm of space travel performed at the hands of brilliant scientists. However, the latest major breakthrough in space technology did not come from NASA but it does have a good chance of turning the world on its head. The next big thing in space travel the X-37B is preparing for another mission but problems have emerged.

US Air Force.

Although its main missions are still shrouded in secrecy the X-37B operates as a reusable space plane. The X-37B program has changed hands numerous times starting with NASA in 1999 before transitioning into the hands of the U.S. Department of Defense in 2004 and is currently operating under the United States Air Force.

“The many firsts on this mission make the upcoming OTV launch a milestone for the program. It is our goal to continue advancing the X-37B OTV so it can more fully support the growing space community.”

– Randy Walden (Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office)

The X-37B recently returned from a mission in space that took 718 days and is preparing for another but problems are emerging. The biggest problem is that of Hurricane Irma which is creating dangerous conditions for the launch out of Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The details of the mission remain classified but the weather may compromise the launch within the next few days. Video of the X-37B as it moves from facility towards the launch site can be viewed in the following clip.

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