Apache Busts A MEAN Wheelie, Follows It By Crazy Stunts

Apache Busts A MEAN Wheelie, Follows It By Crazy Stunts | World War Wings Videos


If You’re Gonna Show Off, Show It All.

Before everyone gets up in arms about the word “stunt” we used in the headline, let us assure you we know the difference between stunts and aerobatic maneuvers. We used it because most spectators at airshows use that term because to them these are exactly that. Stunts. Also, Facebook only lets us use 110 characters, so…

Now that we cleared our name so to speak, let’s get to it. This footage was filmed extremely well. The Youtube uploader by the name of TheGreatFlyer used a professional camera in addition to a great microphone. That’s the reason we can hear all the fantastic sounds like the APU before startup and no wind noise that deem other videos unwatchable.

Apaches first flew in 1975 but were not introduced into the United States Army until 1986.

This Apache was flying over Tatoi Airfield back in 2013 during Athens Flying Week. The pilot was showing the incredible maneuverability of his aircraft, which for an attack helicopter that size is pretty impressive. Almost 60 feet wide (with rotors) and capable of taking off weighing 23,000 pounds, this chopper has proven itself in numerous wars as a force to be reckoned with.

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