Awesome AirMeet Trailer: All The RC Warbirds You Can Handle

Awesome AirMeet Trailer: All The RC Warbirds You Can Handle | World War Wings Videos

This Spectacular Gathering Rivals Any Airshow. It’s Just That The Planes Are Smaller.

AirMeet is an extravagant show where some of the best RC pilots from around the world gather and show off their favorite planes. This event also includes helicopters and vehicles, however, all eyes are typically on the warbirds. In this video, you’ll see some of the finest works of art when it comes to plane modeling. Although this trailer shows planes of different eras, World War II warbirds do make an appearance as you can imagine.

Here are some of our favorite birds we caught a glimpse of:

  • A giant B-17 Flying Fortress
  • A Dauntless with tiny gunner included!
  • A P-47 Thunderbolt A.K.A. The Jug
  • A few Corsairs and P-51 Mustangs

If you never went to one of these shows, this will give you an inside look at their grandeur. It seems like they invest a lot of money in making these events as spectacular as possible. Did you see the pyrotechnics? World War II warbirds and things that go boom are our favorite, and you can find all of that here. In our humble opinion, this is the next best thing next to a full size airshow!

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