Awesome RC F-15 Eagle

Awesome RC F-15 Eagle | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCScaleAirplanes

During Joe Nall Week in 2017, pilot Marcio Jorge is lucky enough to fly this highly exquisite F-18 Eagle. This unique model is a replica of the original F-15 Eagle, a legendary fighter flown by the US Air Force.

It features a 1.88-meter wingspan and a length of 2.77 meters. It also has a take-off weight of 70 pounds and is powered by 2x Kingtech 140 turbine engines.

Not to mention, the F-18’s superb design compliments the model’s excellent maneuverability. On air, it delivers superior performance, top speed, and a turbine-like sound. When it rolls, hits bumps, and ruts- how the plane reacts overall- it almost looks like the real thing!

What do you think about the RC F-15 Eagle? Does it live up to the actual and real twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft?

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