Super Sabre F-100 RC Jet Takes To The Skies

Super Sabre F-100 RC Jet Takes To The Skies | World War Wings Videos


Filmed at an event in Flugtag Bölsdorf, Germany last year, the impressive North American F-100 Super Sabre supersonic RC jet is certainly a giant among other RC jets. It has a 1.5-meter wingspan and a 3.6-meter length.

This is the double-seater version of the most produced military aircraft in US history. Tomahawk Aviation has used this sample to create a unique scale model. It has an extremely light and durable airframe and can be built under 25 kg despite its size. It’s also reinforced by carbon fiber in all the essential sections, and all the details look a lot like the original plane.

The model is powered by an impressive 200 N to 300 N turbine jet engine and is controlled by 12 high-speed digital servos. What’s more, Pilot Frank Westerholt also flies this aircraft to perfection from take-off to landing.

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