B-1 Bombers Deployed Korean Penninsula In Show Of Force

B-1 Bombers Deployed Korean Penninsula In Show Of Force | World War Wings Videos

Staff Sgt. Joshua Smoot


It is a calm cloudy evening at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. The wind is blowing, the sun is setting but not all is right in the world. There is still tension of possible war and the US Air Force is deploying a pair of B-1 Lancers to the Korean Penninsula.

The B-1 bombers will embark on a flight the Korean Penninsula to meet up with the South Korean Air Force. From there the pair of B-1s will conduct joint drills with F-15K fighters in order to prepare themselves for the potential war.

“[T]o increase interoperability by refining joint tactics, techniques and procedures while simultaneously strengthening their ability to seamlessly integrate their operations.”

Following the death of Otto Warmbier after being returned to American soil from North Korea, our nations are more anxious than ever. Whether any action will be taken following Warmbier’s death is uncertain, but the US Air Force presses ahead in order to be ready. The B-1 Lancers can be seen departing from Anderson Air Base to South Korea in this video.

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