B-1 Books It Over Crowd With Its Wings Swept Back–Nothing But Chills

B-1 Books It Over Crowd With Its Wings Swept Back–Nothing But Chills | World War Wings Videos

How Sweet Was That?

This statement could be contested, but we vote for the B-1 Lancer as being the sexiest bomber plane. We know, this will ruffle some feathers, but we feel that when it comes to bombers, there is no other plane that has the grace, sleek lines and overall look. Bottom line is…we love this plane.

Let’s look at what’s inside though. It’s shallow to judge something just on appearances, right? Aside from being a pretty bird, B-1s are a force to be reckoned with. Their three internal bomb bays can hold 75,000 pounds of ordnance. Unlike the B-52 Startofortress (which we also love by the way) Lancers have 6 external hardpoints. This allows them to strap on an additional 50,000 pounds of things that go “boom.” That’s a grand total of 125,000 pounds of hurt. Then, there’s its speed.

First introduced in 1986, B-1 Lancers are expected to be in service unitl 2030.

Unlike most other bombers, Lancers are supersonic. Able to reach Mach 1.25 or 830 mph, these things whip through the air. Also, their swept wing design makes it even more appealing. Making us reminisce the F-14 Tomcat, this plane packs a lot of hurt and does it fast.

Enough about our opinions however, enjoy this clip.

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